BEWARE: You will talk with complete strangers and make new friends!

"Socializing Makes People Happier and Healthier."

Robert Waldinger, Director, Harvard Study of Adult Development, an ongoing 75-year study that will inspire you.

Every student can participate in class lessons when Chalkin' Social!

Watch the 'Handshake Teacher, Barry White, Jr. introduce Chalkin' Social to his students.

Express yourself without fear!

Chalkin' Social chalkboard hats help some kids on the spectrum, allowing them to quickly respond to questions 'visually' and participate in all class activities.  Shouldn't everyone be part of the team?

Start Chalkin' Social today!

Our patent-pending chalkboard hats are worn all over the world because any language can be written on a chalkboard. Help us Get the world talkin' by chalkin'®.

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