World Mingler Chalkboard Hats $29.99

You'll be mingling around the world in our top-of-the-line World Mingler  Chalkboard Hat Collection with full acrylic top and silk interior, headband, and brim underside.
  • Design, Attach, and Socialize
    • Using one of the three included removable chalkboards.
  • Each hats comes with three different sized REMOVABLE chalkboards, one pack of assorted color chalk, one custom metal chalk clip to secure the chalk piece to the hat brim, and a mini eraser.
  • Machine-Stitched velcro on front of each hat and machine-glued velcro on the back of each chalkboard, ensuring an extremely secure chalkboard, regardless of activity level.
  • World Globe silk interior reinforcing that, regardless of language, Chalkin' Social is a tool that can get everyone socializing more!
  • 10% of hat sales are donated to the Chalkin' Social Foundation (see link on site), which donates free Chalkin' Social hats to schools and families who meet specific criteria.  

    Thanks for Chalkin' Social with us!  Please visit our Facebook Page and write a review if you like our product and appreciate what we do!  Hugs to you!


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